Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

Single Of The Year-Tour 2013 - Part I

Woke up this morning after what I'd call the best sleep I had in a couple of days. Much needed indeed as the flu I managed to catch right in timefor the first tour gig decided to feel very comfortable in my body.

Now this is Berlin and it welcomed us in exactly the way I expected it to in mid-October. When driving into town it was pouring down, it was dark and double bass player Isi and me couldn't have been more knackered at the end of the third day on tour.
Still I got a feel it's been worth it. The first show in my favourite Hamburg place, the Nachthafen, turned out a real blinder. Looked empty first, filled up then to what I'd call a packed place and ended with a pretty punkrocky encore which rounded out an almost perfect gig. A lovely moment was when Justin of The Galantiers and his wife Gaby (did I get that right?) did a 30 min slot in the middle of the evening playing Galantiers songs on acoustic guitar and violin. Brillant! Didn't get to bed early that night...

Second day.

The always wonderful Prinz Willy in Kiel. Again a well attended evening with the usual, very attentive audience there. Very different to Hamburg. If Hamburg was Rock'n'Roll this one got closer to a traditional folk club feel. Really good show again and a nightcap with our host at the nearby Club 68. Good talks there and to bed fairly early this time. A surprise was the local press being around for the gig the first time ever. An interested young lady who never heard of a band called The Clash. I assume it's a sign of me being a bit older than her. But then again... how can someone not know.... well, she'll find out. Been down to the sea front for a cuppa the next day before leaving. Loved it.

Kiel. Baywatch.

Bassist looking at the sea.

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