Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

Leaving for the sunny shores of England.

I do deeply regret me being a bit on the slow side with keeping the tour blog. I would really love to say I'm a lazy bastard which is the reason for not being more relieable with spreading my tour dates, writing newsletters and stuff. The terrifying truth is: i completely lost track of it because of playing too many gigs recently. And honestly: I'm not touring Catalonia and waste my precious time sitting somewhere writing if I can be eating delicious food instead. Not to mention the red wine. Sorry for being that selfish.

Well, but then again rather late than never. Setting out for a little UK tour tomorrow which includes first time gigs in Yorkshire and  even further up north.

Here are all the dates, more regular updates on gigs, new releases and life in general can be found on my facebook site, website and occasionally the tourblog.

A quick one before logging out: there is a new 7" ep (four tracks) out on 9pm Records (available primarily on my gigs titled "Single Of The Year") and Dec 18 will see the launch of a music video directed by yong German actor/director Tim Steinheimer. Might be worth checking Maekkelae's facebook around that date. They'll put it up on vimeo around that time. So the least I can do is to unveil a moment of the exhausting workdays with that video thingy....

Maekkelae on Facebook
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29/11/13 UK-Hertford, Corn Exchange (Mäkkelä solo)
30/11/13 UK, St Albans, Empire Records (afternoon recordstore gig/Mäkkelä solo)
30/11/13 UK-Hitchin, The Victoria (Mäkkelä solo + The Trailer Trash Orchestra)
01/12/13 UK-Leeds, Full Circle (Mäkkelä solo)
02/12/13 UK-Newcastle, The Bridge Folk Club’s open mic (Mäkkelä solo)
03/12/13 UK-Sheffield, The Greystones (Mäkkelä solo + Derrin Nauendorf & Band)
04/12/13 UK-St Albans, The Boot (Mäkkelä solo)
05/12/13 UK-Wakefield, Esquires Coffee House (Mäkkelä solo)
18/12/13 D-Nuernberg, MuZ Club (Mäkkelä feat. Isi + Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl) Official German record release show & video launch party!

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