Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

Single Of The Year Tour 2013 - Berlin

Oh my... surprisingly another pleasant one in Berlin. Meeting Roy & Hanna at the Ma Thilda made us feel like coming home. And yes - we all expected it to be a fun night which doesn't always necessarily turns out to be such.

This time it did.

Blogging in Berlin.

A fun performance of Mr. Wolf Proll as a starter, Roy Wilde & Golda Heart with a heartwarming set second and Isi and me with another one close to acoustic punkrock. No idea why it goes that way sometimes. Last encore unplugged standing on a chair doing "The Penguins Of Notting Hill Gate" and Billy Bragg's "New England". Exhausting evening, amazing audience and us grateful to have a day off today.
Cooking with our so, so lovely host Michela was definitely the icing on the cake. A lazy sunny Berlin autumn day, doing some vintage shops - Isi a jacket and some cds, me two lps (Cockney Rebel & Loudon Wainwright III) - and a lovely late dinner. Good day.


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