Freitag, 20. September 2013

Single Of The Year...

Here we are... Just a few weeks 'til my new and in fact very first vinyl 7" will be released on 9pm Records. That feels good. Almost as good as putting on that cute little thing and listen to what has been recorded not very long ago in the heat of a Finnish summer in klate May this year. I have to honestly say: it's different. Different to just insert a piece of plastic in a slot. Not sure if a thing can have something like...uhm...soul? Well, anyway if it does -  speaking of records - the one that gets closest is probably a 7". Or maybe I'm just getting to excited about the whole thing.
Apart from this I have to say the songs are not too bad. I quite like them. Give it a go! I put up the first of those four songs on soundcloud. That's here:


Tomorrow will be the last hometown gig (at Hemdendienst in Nuremberg) for a couple of months as a try-out for the tour I'm just about to play with the amazing double bass player Isi Roessler. Also it's going to be the last gig under the name Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge. The "Trash Lounge" will be history from this next Sunday on. To celebrate this little change I will do a special DJ set after our gig putting on a whacky mix of my favourite off-the-wall records. So be prepared for an eclectic mix of Taiwanese love songs, Finnish lofi-blues and Christian pop songs from Papua New Guinea.

For those of you who don't live in Germany there is some interesting news too. From 31 Oct until 8 Nov I'll be touring with my Anglo German Low Stars compadre Grae J. Wall in Catalonia. This will be FUN! In capital letters. Early December there'll be a two week stint in the UK before finally taking some time out around x-mas. The dates are still being worked on but I hope I can soon announce them here. The UK tour is very likely to happen from 26 Nov until 8 December. Let's see how this turns out then.

BTW: the download code you'll get with the purchase of the 7" includes a bonus track. A wonderful x-mas carol written by Mr. Grae J. Wall. Enjoy!

Here are the tourdates. Those will be regularly updated on my website Have a look there if you're losing track...

21/09/13 D-Nuernberg, Hemdendienst (MÄKKELÄ’S TRASH LOUNGE)
10/10/13 D-Hamburg, Nachthafen (Mäkkelä feat. Isi)
11/10/13 D-Kiel, Prinz Willy (Mäkkelä feat. Isi)
13/10/13 D-Berlin, Ma Thilda (w/ Roy Wilde & Golda Heart)
15/10/13 D-Berlin, Madame Claude (Mäkkelä feat. Isi)
18/10/13 CZ-Prague, Blaze Zizkov (Mäkkelä feat. Isi)
21/10/13 A-Salzburg, Denkmal (Mäkkelä feat. Isi)
23/10/13 D-Karlsruhe, Konzerttagebuch (Mäkkelä feat. Isi)
02/11/13 E-Banyoles, Ca La Flora (Mäkkelä & Grae J. Wall)
13/11/13 D-Wuerzburg, Kellerperle (Mäkkelä solo)
15/11/13 D-Weissenburg, O’Keys Irish Pub (Mäkkelä feat. Isi)
11/12/13 D-Köln, Kulturcafe Lichtung (Mäkkelä solo + On Foot)

18/12/13 D-Nuernberg, MuZ Club (Mäkkelä feat. Isi + Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl)
21/02/14 D-Frauenau, Gasthaus Gistl (w/ SILVERDOLLS)
22/02/14 D-Deggendorf, Bergkeller (w/ SILVERDOLLS)

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