Samstag, 26. Dezember 2015

Homeland? What homeland?

I've never been the kind of person to be proud of my country. Not because I thought it'd be pathetic, simply because it just never crossed my mind. Apart from that it's still difficult to tell which of both it is. Finland? Germany? What has changed significantly though is to what extent I'm ashamed of it. Surprisingly it doesn't make much difference these days. Both being home for way too many people sporting an attitude of narrow-mindedness, homophobia, xenophobia or worse. Still the number of good people not sharing this kind of attitude is fortunately big enough to make it worth staying. Or at least I still want to believe this. For both countries. Still I do strongly believe that most of the people I met in countries I've been performing in are welcoming, warm hearted and open-minded human beings. Those were the people I had the luck to meet all over Europe, those are the ones who keep up my belief that borders are meaningless boundaries, invisible lines drawn by politicians with a helping hand from multinational corporations to control people and make them believe what's on the other side is a thread, the source of all evil. All those people I've been fortunate enough to run into, no matter if from Prague, Vienna, Munich, Zilina, Ferrara, Figueres, Lille, Huddersfield, Helsinki, Zurich or Krakow, are the ones I do believe in. Random encounters becoming friends or even close friends. People I hope to be the ones to make this continent one worth living in. There's a lot of them out there and their number is growing. Let's pray this may just be the start of it.

Martti Mäkkelä, 26/12/2015

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