Dienstag, 1. September 2015

Time to set out

So finally we're there. Last promo copies of the new album been sent, last rehearsals ahead and as good as all of the tour dates booked for this year. Still no clue how this did work in what I think is the hottest ever summer I experienced in Germany. It's still a nightmare on this 11th August 2015 and, honestly,  I'm really looking forward to a pleasant, golden autumn with chilly nights and cool, sunny days I can spend on the road.
Somewhere along the line I lost most of my expectations for the things to come but there is a vibrant feel of change in the air. Since months. Wasn't sure first but couldn't ignore it. Wherever i look, be it me, be it friends, be it people around I've never seen. A creepy blend of hope, fear and a weird air of anxiety all over the place. Somethings going to happen and I don't know what it is. Nobody apparently knows. As for me I'd say whatever'll come along can only be a change for the better. Apart from those weeks on tour last May and what happened music-wise this year felt like a big pile of crap. Not that everything that can go wrong went wrong but there has been more than enough shit to deal with I wasn't keen on. Quite some lost battles but still not beaten, not ready to give in yet. Still enough strength to carry on. What remains for now is: there is a new album, maybe the best I've done so far. I don't really mind how it's going to be received, it's ready, it's done, it's been two years of work and it's here now. Another opportunity to set out for new places and meet people I can play to, a new start, new crossroads. A new take on this quest, a new day to set sails for unknown seas with a new crew and a ship I do trust in.

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