Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

Soon on the road again

So much for keeping up with my blog... Just realized I haven't done too much here but who cares. Half a year has passed with some very exciting gigs mostly in Germany. Spring has arrived down here and it's time again to hit the road in a few days time. Next shows I'm glad to do with my friend and fellow Anglo German Low Stars veteran Mr. Grae J. Wall who's coming down to Germany with Los Chicos Muertos in a fantastic trio lineup featuring Dez Paradise on bass and Steve Finch on drums. That's probably going to be some serious fun. Apart from that our three upcoming gigs in Leipzig,Chemnitz and Filderstadt are a perfect opportunity to  warm up for the Finnish tour in mid-May. Wrote quite some new songs I'm really happy with and performed on a remarkable number of exhibition openings this year. Means I think I gained enough contemporary art karma for the next years. Not that it's not fun - really liked them all - but i still prefer doing those traditional real gigs. Venues with people who would come to see a show if you know what I mean.

After the release of my 7" ep "Single Of The Year" in Germany last October this year turns in a way out to become the Year of The Singles. "Single Of The Year" will be released in Finland with a different flipside on Hiljaiset Levyt and both of the bands I'm playing with (The Très Biens and the Goho Hobos) are currently recording material to be released on 7" vinyl as well. Looking pretty much forward to those.
Next week I'll do the first of a couple of planned recording sessions for the new album with Frank Mollena at his Lone Star studio in Nuremberg. Pleased to work there with Isi Roessler on double bass who was  a fantastic company on last year's German tour.

Don't know when I put up the tumblr page so I think I should mention it here. All upcoming tour dates can be found there and occasionally some news. Well I'm loosing track of this all but I'm sure if you're interested you will anyway find out about the gig next to where you are.

See you guys hopefully soon.


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