Montag, 19. November 2012

Hit the road again

I know it's moneywise a stupid thing to do to say the least. Why on earth would someone drive down to Prague to play in front of a handful of people, hardly make any money and still consider this a successful start of a tour. Sounds like utter nonsense, complete bollocks.

But hey - how much better can it be to have Pavel Cingl guesting on violin on this first gig, having a small but attentive crowd to play to and try out new material? Playing Nikki Sudden's "Chelsea Embankment" together with Pavel having Phil Shoenfelt sitting in the audience makes up for some extra points... Not to forget the opportunity to have a couple of beers at the incredible "Shot Out Eye", Zizkov's cosiest drinking den if not to say the world's.

Writing this in a Zizkov bakery café on Husitská, having a cup of coffee, accomplishes this more than decent first stop of this tour that will last good four weeks.

Tonite it's going to be the Veraenderbar in Dresden, another one of my favourites. A funny little place on Goerlitzer Strasse, a whacky mash up of vintage shop, folk venue and bar. Located in Dresden's "Neustadt" quarter, a buzzing part of town with numerous bars, little shops, venues, alternative culture facilities and - very important - one of Germany's finest record shops. A massive selection of vinyls and probably the only one in Germany with an extra shelf for "Pub Rock".

Would be fun to see you there tonite. Will kick off around 9 pm.

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