Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Afternoon guide to Dresden

Yes, I've been on time. In fact pretty much on time. Arriving in Dresden 2 pm. gave me five hours to kill. This might be boring for you, dear reader (if there is someone like you out there), but following this blog might be of some help for you once you arrive in Dresden with five hours to kill.
First get yourself a car park close to where you're going to spend the evening. This will be tricky later so do it now. Next grab some food. Easy task. You may go to the top end of Bischofsweg where you'll find the restaurant in no. 12. They serve cheap (and I mean cheap) home cooking from 11 am. to 2.30 pm.
Then go to Drop Out Records and buy an album. Or a single. The Ducks Deluxe album is gone now so you will have to take the first Graham Parker & The Rumours or Ian Dury. That's ok I think.
After doing this there are a lot of choices. For my part I went to the Tiki because of their free Wifi. Want to know the November 2012 password? Here we go: sommersonnegurkeneis. Else not really a particularly charming place (if you want that kind of interior rather visit the Tiki Heart in Berlin) but their coffee is ok and the bar-maids are on the ball.
Got enough battery? Got a good book with you? Even better. When the battery dies switch to reading. That's a bit vintage but will do for this afternoon. I recommend one of Ken Bruen's novels. Any of those will do.
Book read? Ok. Go to Thalia. That's opposite side of the road. You're a smoker? Good for you as it's ok to smoke in there. On top of that they serve Radeberger beer from the tab. That's not too bad. Thalia is one of these basically nice little art house cinemas with a café/bar to it. Some artsy nude photography and film posters make for the decoration plus a real rubbish b/w painting of an earth closet in a forest. If you feel inspired by the Ken Bruen you just read, this place is not the worst to be: you can have a double Jameson or a black label Bushmill here.
They also do gigs here but presumably not for me after slagging that painting off which was probably done by the owner himself, his daughter or his best buddy.

... and did I mention? Today is 20 November which means I'm playing Berlin. See you there at the King Kong Klub. Clark Nova will be playing too, something called Urge will do a set and Mr ThomThom Geigenschrey will be guesting on violin on a couple of my songs. But hey - you've seen this anyway on facebook, eh?  

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