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Catalonia and the road that lay ahead

And BANG! Here we are again in the middle of this year's touring season of Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge. After a summer that wasn't too busy gig wise it just caught me by surprise to find myself one day in the always pleasant company of Grae J. Wall in the heart of Barcelona, performing for the guys of Mutuo Arts Centre. Being filmed for what turned out to be an amazing live video, just to be back in Germany few hours later preparing for the Church Of The Blue Nun's gig with Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross last Friday of September in Nuernberg and a show with the Très Biens lads in Fuerth's good old Gelber Loewe pub on Gustav St one day later
Like always this feels a bit surreal. Changing places so quickly, meeting so different people in such a short time. But that's part of the fun with it I guess...
Thinking about surreal situations: a particularly remarkable one was for sure the late night performance in Figueres. After our regular gig at the Lizard Cafe, Grae, Kev (once more our trustworthy driver & guide through the Catalan wilderness), our host Hermes and me were walking towards what was supposed to be our home that night when Hermes urged us into a cafe that was just about to close. Didn't take him too long to convince us. In exchange for the last beer we were offered Grae and me played a really nice version of Velvet Underground's "Pale Blue Eyes". Not knowing we've been playing the song sitting at the table where Bunuel and Dali reportedly developed the idea of the slit open eye sequence in "Un Chien Andalou". If you ever get there don't forget to pay a visit to this amazing place, the Cafe Royal, and have a coffee there. 

Though most of the gigs are yet to come there are already some unforgettable moments some of which I'm really happy to share with you. Here are links to both videos from Barcelona. my song "Good Friday" and Grae J. Walls lovely "Streets Of Paris". Have a look, they're worth it...

Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge, "Good Friday"

Grae J. Wall, "Streets Of Paris"

This very morning I had a chance to do the mixes for two upcoming pretty special releases at Grell's Highstreet studio in Nuernberg. There will be a UK only 3 way split cassette release done by the guys of "Armed Within Movement" for the tour of Janne Westerlund and me. Third band on this one will be Sea Of Palms from Stourbridge who will also share the bill at our tour gig in Stourbridge. Two previously unreleased tracks (just guessing) of each involved artist will make for an extraordinary release in an extraordinary format. I've been told you can order it through "Armed Within Movement". Should be available from 1st December on.
The other release will be the split single of Mr. Clark Nova and me. It's just a bit unclear if we manage to get this sorted before setting out for our 2012 tour. We're just running a bit late for this but hey - there are still our "X-mas Shows" 26 - 30 December and 2013 with another Mäkkelä/Nova tour around the corner...

As there have been some changes in this winter's schedule find an update on the tour plan in here...


All the upcoming tourdates in 2012...

2 Nov D-Schwabach, Jungeggers CHURCH OF THE BLUE NUN
5 Nov D-Nürnberg, Tafelhalle (Nürnberg cultural awards) MÄKKELÄ (feat. Tobias Stutz & Robin van Velzen)
9 Nov D-Schwabach, Jungeggers THE TRÈS BIENS
10 Nov D-Filderstadt, Anker THE TRÈS BIENS unplugged
17 Nov CZ-Prague, Blaze Zizkov MÄKKELÄ (solo)
19 Nov D-Dresden, Veraenderbar MÄKKELÄ (solo)
20 Nov D-Berlin, King Kong Klub MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
21 Nov D-Kiel, Prinz Willy MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
22 Nov D-Hamburg, Nachthafen MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
24 Nov D-Bad Staffelstein, Linde MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
25 Nov D-Würzburg, Wunschlos Glücklich MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
26 Nov D-Fürth, Kofferfabrik MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
28 Nov A-Salzburg, Denkmal MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
29 Nov D-Dachau, Cafe Gramsci MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
30 Nov CH-Thun, Mundwerk MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
2 Dec D-Köln, Galerie Bruehl  MÄKKELÄ (feat. Tobias Stutz on Cello)
3 Dec UK-Dover, Louis Armstrong Pub MÄKKELÄ (feat. Barry O'Brien on percussion)
interview prior to gig on Dover's community radio dcrfm
7 Dec UK-Stourbridge, Katie Fitzgeralds  MÄKKELÄ & JANNE WESTERLUND
8 Dec UK-Brighton, Northern Lights  MÄKKELÄ & JANNE WESTERLUND
9 Dec UK-St Albans, The Farmers Boy  MÄKKELÄ & LOS CHICOS MUERTOS
12 Dec UK-London (Mile End), The Victoria  MÄKKELÄ (solo)
15 Dec UK-Wellwyn Garden City, Green Room @ The Doctor's Tonic  MÄKKELÄ & LOS CHICOS MUERTOS
22 Dec D-Nürnberg, K4 Radio Z-Winterfest THE TRÈS BIENS
26 Dec D-Trier, Brunnenhof MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
27 Dec D-München, Trachtenvogl MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA
30 Dec D-Nürnberg, Schanzenbräu MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVA

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