Montag, 6. Juni 2011

now there's a video...

So finally the impossible turned out to become real. There's a video of Maekkelae's Trash Lounge on YouTube now. Nope, this time it's not a live-on-stage thing it's one that has been made on purpose. The song has been recorded back in 2003 (maybe 2002? Can't remember) with Mano Nelson prior to one of the tours we did together and I haven't played it since. Will think about it but maybe it's ok to rather have it just here on the web. There has been way too many major changes in those past nine years to pick up on those old tunes again.

But. Fun it was making this. Thanks to Angelika & Stefan & the Washbrooke Teddy.

Next gig will be in Munich on Saturday, 11th June at KLANGfest on Gasteig's Black Box Stage. We'll kick off 10:45 pm.


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