Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

In Bruges

Bruges. Neat, neat, neat. Plus chips, chocolate and all worldwide relevant chain stores. A bit boring. As you might guess I'm celebrating my day off in Burges. As writing this with having an Augustijn beer. Local. 7% alcohol. They got to work on their glasses though me thinks. Too small and... neat. Again. That's the thing here. They've got something disturbingly neat going all over the place.

Few hours later I have to add that this town's most obvious feature is boredom. Boredom in it's purest, dull, unforgiving clarity. I sort of start to get the idea of that quote from "In Bruges". "if I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn't, so it doesn't".

But hold on! There are indeed here and there some exciting, if not to say pulse accelerating adventures, you might run into except of those neat coach tours through old town Bruges. All depending on what accomodation you decided to choose. You might end up with the one I booked. A special one.
The smart young guy didn't have the single room I in fact booked but - hey - what's wrong with a 4-bed room? It's cheaper and - promised  - you won't have to share it with more people than the guy who's already in there. A peaceful night on a day off. Tempting. If offered such an irresistable deal in Bruges: lock yourself in that room and be on alert. Otherwise you might find yourself in the most pleasant company of two overweight Aussie teenagers which adds an edge to the overall else neat mood of the place. Teenagers who presumably are very likely to be impressed by Bruges.
This subsequently gives an explanation to why the Belgians invented extraordinary strong beer and a most effective liquid they named Jenever. All of that stuff designed to guarantee peace of mind in a surrounding hostile and boring at the same time. After consumption of several units of the mentioned beverages you will gain insight that alcohol in fact can be a solution.

In Bruges.

Poor imitation of Finnish flag in Bruges.

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