Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Touring Finland again


finally it looks as if all the dates of this year's little tour in Finland are sort of confirmed. Well, actually they are confirmed except of that extra-show in Rovaniemi. Whatever it's going to be like it's sure not the worst way to spend a Good Friday in the cold north. I assume it's cold.
Still working on some shows on the way to the Brighton Fringe. Amsterdam confirmed, Brussels very likely to work, and hopefully another Dutch show on the way back. Let me know if some of you guys out there got realistic ideas about who might be interested in putting up a show in the Netherlands or Belgium or even the UK (Kent, Sussex & Hampshire might be feasible). Will keep you updated. But for now: let's meet in Finland and have some great nights out there. All the venues are lovely places I've been to before and I'm seriously looking forward to go there again...

Will have a handful of copies of the new Single "Miss Hertfordhire" with me. No - it's a CD, not on vinyl. Not yet. Might happen later this year.

If there are changes to this tour I will post them right away in this blog and on Facebook. Not sure whether I got the nerves to change things on MySpace while travelling.

See you next week there,

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