Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Budapest to Brighton; Part II

Graz, Austria. 18/11/2010
Nice drive down to Graz. Still no snow - good. Bit foggy but ok and car still works. Had a long walk after finally finding the Jugendhaus Explosiv whch happened to turn out  the punkrock place in town. Nice people though. Learned they're making terrific wines here. Not in the Jugendhaus but in this area. On top of that they've got a huge clocktower up on a hill. Asked about it and know more now. When Napoleon took the town back in the days the citizens of Graz got apparently quite desperate about possibly losing this massive clock. So they convinced him to sell them that tower before burning down the rest of Graz. Sounds as if Mr. Bonaparte was kind of a smart businessman. As it's still working I assume it's a good clocktower and was worth all the money. As for the gig I had a good local support act. A guy named Chris Magerl. Worth checking out his stuff on MySpace.
Bought pumpkin oil and wine the next morning on a picturesque local market before leaving for Babensham to support The Great Bertholinis.

Babensham, Germany. 19/11/2010
Speedometer went on the way to Germany. Not good. As I found out Club Leonhard in Babensham is a wonderful place run by wonderful people. An old Gasthaus - I mean really old, 17th century or something - with an upstairs dancehall. Great food and a hell of a lot of drinks. Big party crowd of good 200 people with at least some few that were willing to listen to a solo performer/songwriter. Got terribly drunk there. Too many people to buy me schnaps after the show. As far as I remember they were friendly. Good place as I said but can't really remember a lot. Must have been an exciting night as my shinbone badly hurts. Woke up late, met cleaning lady, packed my gear and left for Bad Staffelstein-Unnersdorf via Fuerth to pick up Robin van Velzen who's sharing tonite's gig with me.

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