Montag, 29. November 2010

No Hard Shoulder

Finally here I am. Monday morning after two UK gigs, still alive and surprisingly well after the experience of driving three days in the UK. It wasn't actually that hard. Just few things that took me by surprise like the toll at the Dartford tunnels and the fact that as driving reverse side one has to have the skills of a Michael Jordan to throw the coins in. And the traffic. Thought the German A 3 on a Friday is a nightmare but international truck races on the M 25 aren't bad either. And who was the guy with the hard shoulder? And apparently a pretty long shoulder, 280 yards. Me wiser now.

The gigs before crossing the channel were except of the driving (thank god I had my medication) weird but wonderful. How come I sort of get the feel that most of the venues I'm playing are in a special way very strange places? At the Bahia de Cochinos in Castrop-Rauxel I had sure one of the best audiences on this tour. All listening and almost everybody bought a cd. How can that work? Then Brussels. The Sazz'n'Jazz is for sure the most beautiful place I ever played in. Well, at least on this tour. Not many people but they were fully into it and the promoter was a particularly nice guy. The whole thing had the atmosphere of a David Lynch movie. You should have seen the interior. A gloomy 1920s club with stone dogs flanking the hallway, red brocade curtains framing the stage. I fell in love with it. Not so bad for a first time in Brussels.

Now after playing Hertford with the Trailer Trash guys and Kev's duo (what was their name again? sorry I'm relly bad in this), the Rising Sun with uusikuu and a very special appearance of Roger Winslet in a new duo lineup, I'm getting kind of into the groove and the speed of this country. It's an interesting thing I found out that each country has apparently got it's own speed. England is in some aspects slower and more controlled than the continent. Except of maybe the traffic. That's way faster than I expected...


For you who are reading this and do possibly live in the UK there is some sad news. Even though I was assured that the download single "Miss Hertfordshire" is going to be available also in the UK I had to find out that it apparently is just available on iTunes Germany. Can only suggest to get it via That one should work.

And by the way: while writing this I have to also say that this bloody pile of crap named MySpace really sucks now. Why on earth they updated it in a way that makes it more or less useless? They're doing their very best to chase users to Facebook. Which is in fact working. More or less relieably. Will continue this blog in the nearer future on my blogspot site. Should be easy to find through google and the good thing is: it works.

Next gig is tonight in Saffron Walden. Check out the details in the Mäkkelä Facebook group under events.



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