Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

The Art Of Worshipping - some helpful guidance

Your deal for participating in an amazing piece of music. The Church of The Blue Nun's "The Art Of Worshipping"!

We're close to accomplishing the upcoming album and could do with your help now. As things go and in particular go with a spiritual entity like the Church Of The Blue Nun you will benefit from that deal. This time you don't even have to sell your chaste souls, so it might be of interest for some of you out there. There will be a strictly limited edition of 70 copies of the album worldwide. Those 70 copies (numbered/signed) of "The Art Of Worshipping" will come in an affectionally assembled believer's kit. The devotional casket includes the cd in digipack, a nun shaped handmade candle, a rosary, a polaroid personally dedicated and signed by Mäkkelä & van Velzen plus a certificate of authenticity.

If you want one of those precious caskets here is the deal:
you transfer or paypal EUR 50.- or the equivalent in your country's currency to our account/paypal accounttil the end of August 2011. On 14th October (the releasedate) we will send the box carefully packed to your postal address. After our tour (which is almost completely booked by now) we will refund you EUR 25.- or the equivalent in your currency minus the shipping costs. That will happen in late November this year. All in all this means you're paying EUR 25.- plus the shipping costs/postage for a wonderful album and a unique collectors item. Good deal I'd say.

Please inform us by e-mail (or facebook message - in that case please add your regular e-mail) if you're sure you want one. The right e-mail address for this is​t keep in mind: it's first come, first served and there won't be more than those 70 copies. We'll mail you then an order form with all the details for the payment and our full address/contacts to assure you this is no scam. Please e-mail or fax that one back then. For making sure to be among the 70 chosen ones send an e-mail right away. We'll confirm this by e-mail.

Four songs of the album plus the actual front cover can be found on the Church Of The Blue Nun's MySpace, Facebook, the.sixtyone and Soundcloud sites from 31st of July on.

Good luck!

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